The honest brain

The limbic brain is considered the “honest brain” when we think of nonverbals. Because it is the part of the brain that reacts to the world around us reflexively and instantaneously, in real time, and without thought. For that reason, it gives off a true response to information coming in from the environment. Since these reactions occur... Continue Reading →


Non-verbal communication

Nonverbal communication, often referred to as nonverbal behavior or body language, is a means of transmitting information just like the spoken word except it is achieved through facial expressions, gestures, touching, physical movements, posture, body adornment (clothes, jewelry, hairstyle, tattoos, etc.), and even the tone, timbre, and volume of an individual’s voice (rather than spoken content). Nonverbal... Continue Reading →

Mind Palace

A mind palace is not only a work of friction and was not invented by Sherlock Holmes or The Mentalist but it's roots date back to 477 B.C when it was actually invented by Simonides, a greek lyric poet. What is a mind palace? A mind palace is a memorized location in your brain like... Continue Reading →

The stablest element

Geologists have discovered that about five percent of earth's composition is from iron. Iron basically originates from meteors that fall from space on earth. Scientists discovered that iron cannot be formed within the solar system; the sun is a star whose heat and energy is not sufficient to form iron. This has prompted scientists to... Continue Reading →

Who plagiarized the Greeks, Islam or Christianity?

This is a short article I am fond of writing to eradicate the misconception of folks who reckon that Islam has plagiarized the Greeks. Rationally speaking, had Islam plagiarized the Greeks it would have copied all the material irrespective of which was correct and which wasn't. But everything mentioned in the Quran is totally correct without any... Continue Reading →


There ran the two brothers on the dry grass, along the stalky bush and the deadwood. Laid the deep shadow of a maple tree, the air was rich with winter jasmine and cold, and grew even colder. It was time mummy called kids in for dinner. All could be seen at the table but little... Continue Reading →

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